October 2019:

We have returned home from a massive 9 week tour, but we're not done yet! This Saturday, October 5, we will be playing our homecoming / album release show as part of Mushroom City Art Festival in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park. We will play at sundown at a location that we will announce the day of the festival.

September 2019:

Our North America tour continues to roll on . . . Tour dates here.

August 2019:

Our new album Transmission is now out! You can order from us here or bandcamp here.

Darsombra is now on a massive 9 week North American tour. Check out our tour dates here.

July 2019:

Hi all! We've got a new album coming out next month entitled "Transmission" and we are embarking on a massive North America tour this summer! Click here to pre-order. Dates are now posted here.

June 2019:

May 2019:

May 17: Greetings beautiful humans! We are back at home in Baltimore after 7 weeks of adventure and exploration in Europe and the UK! Belgium, Holland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, and Scotland, you welcomed us, fed us, housed us, gave us an audience. . . for all this, we are deeply honored and grateful. It was seven years since our last tour in Europe, and we know we will return much sooner next time!

So for now, we rest and recover from so much travel. . . so we can head to Philadelphia and Brooklyn for some shows Memorial Day weekend with our good friends Ala Muerte—next Saturday (Philly) and Sunday (Brooklyn). Dates are now posted. Come out and see how Europe treated us, if you’re in the area. We have loads of stories to share! :)

And then, we’re home for a while, to care for our world here, tend our garden, tumble our rocks, and get our next album together to take it on the road in Canada and the US late this summer. Keep an eye out for an announcement.

April 2019:

We are on tour in Europe for all of April up until mid-May check out our tour dates here.

March 2019:

Our European tour starts this month!!! Dates are now posted. We still have some available dates to play while we're there, so please get in touch if you can help with a show.

January 2019:

Our Winter tour starts February 1! Dates are now posted.

We are currently booking a European tour for spring 2019. We still have several dates that we are looking to fill in. Please get in touch if you can help in any way. The schedule so far is now posted.

December 2018:

Wow! The Darsombra Earth rover has landed back at the mothership in Baltimore...at last, we are home! And what can we say? The Pacific Twin Tours of 2018, where we found ourselves on both sides of the Pacific, were amazing and life changing. We can't wait to return to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as explore that part of the Earth further...and stateside, we had a fantastic time working our way to California and back, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, too. The more places on this Earth that we tour, the more we are reminded that the human network is the strongest one, and to connect with other people around the world is affirmative, beautiful, and truly an auspicious experience.

And so we say thank you! Thank you to all the people that put together shows for us, that took care of us and helped us get from Point A to Point B (especially in Southeast Asia), that fed us and inadvertently fed us by supporting our art, that shared a stage with us, and of course, everyone that came out and watched us perform. It's a gift exchange...we give you the gift of entertainment (we hope!), and you give us the gift of someone to entertain. We acknowledge and appreciate this, and send deep gratitude to everyone who has helped us achieve our crazy dreams. So, in light of these crazy dreams, and our dogged purpose to share our music with the world (and enjoy the world's music, of course)...we have more tours in the works, including a Europe/UK tour for next spring (anyone with venue, promoter, or band contacts there, please send them our way!).

December show dates are now posted!

October 2018:

Hello everyone!

We are home from an incredible, life-changing tour of Southeast Asia (and of course, cannot wait to go back)! We send infinite gratitude to our hosts, everyone who booked us a show, everyone who helped us get from one place to the next, everyone who fed us, gave us a place to sleep and wash our bodies, everyone who picked us up from an airport, bus station, or train station, everyone who played on the bill with us, and of course, everyone who came out to our shows and reminded us why we do this.

We hit the road again this week for our fall 2018 U.S. tour! We're coming to some places that we haven't been in a few years plus some new places we've never visited! Tour dates are now posted!

We have some limited edition items from our Southeast Asia tour that we will be selling on tour and through our online mail order while supplies last. There are beautiful two-sided tour shirts, and Malaysia and Indonesia editions of our SEA tour exclusive release of two full length albums on one cassette, 2016's Polyvision and 2012's Climax Community.

We are planning to tour Europe in spring of 2019. Please get in touch if you can help in any way. Thanks!

August 2018:

We have a couple of very exciting tours coming up. . . the first kicks off at the end of the month! We will be touring 18 cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia! Our first show is in Kuala Lumpur on August 31st (Malaysian Independence Day!), and we will work our way through the region until our last show on September 30th. We’ll be marking the tour with the release of a special 2 album cassette, with 2012’s Climax Community on one side, and 2106’s Polyvision on the other, released in Malaysia by Dogma Artistic Guerrilla, and in Indonesia by Noise Bombing. There will also be a special edition tour shirt! Southeast Asia tour dates are now posted!

Then, in mid-October, about a week after we arrive home from Southeast Asia, we hit the road for another 5-week tour, this one from Baltimore to California and back! There are some new cities for us on this tour, as well as some places we haven’t been since 2015, so we look forward to returning to our friends out west and straight down the middle of our crazy land, and bringing you our 2016 release, Polyvision. U.S. tour dates are now posted!

In between these two tours we will once again be playing at Baltimore's Mushroom City Arts Festival in early October

June 2018:

We have a bunch of summer shows that we're announcing! Later this month we'll be opening for Yob and Bell Witch at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. In July we're doing a weekend warrior trip up to Buffalo, NY where we'll be playing Infringement Festival, plus shows in Rochester NY and Williamsport PA. In August we'll be making our first appearance at the legendary Voice of the Valley Festival in Fairview, WV. Dates for these shows and our upcoming big tours in Southeast Asia and the U.S. are now posted on our tour page.

We now have embroidered patches featuring Christophe 'Lord of the Logos' Szpajdel's amazing Darsombra moth logo. You can pick them up at our shows or at our online store.

May 2018:

Besides touring Southeast Asia later this year, Darsombra is also planning a coast-to-coast US tour for October and November! Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia, we'll be stopping by and we'd love to visit with you!

April 2018:

Hi everyone! We have big news! Darsombra is heading to Southeast Asia in September! We will be playing shows in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, & Indonesia. Stay tuned for more details!

We are taking the month of April off from playing shows, but we already have some exciting regional shows coming up in May (check out the upcoming shows section of the website). In the meantime, we are currently recording our next release and it is going to be epic! The new album is a musical journey consisting of one piece of music clocking in at 40+ minutes.

Also, just a reminder that we now have a YouTube channel. Please subscribe!

January 2018:

Hello Everyone! We made it! Through the tropical south in the winter and the mostly-thawed north in the summer, through the building of a new home on the road in our new-to-us van, through testing it out 14K+ miles a couple months later, through the composition of our next release . . . we made it! Goodbye 2017! And to you, we offer you a Thank You video which shows a lot of the footage we shot on our Great Canada Ramble tour of 2017. We hope you enjoy!

As for 2018, the sky's the limit! We want to play outside of North America for a change, and are batting around all sorts of ideas of places to play shows abroad. South America, Indonesia, Japan, and Iceland are all places we're considering. . . so if you or anyone you know lives in or near those countries and wants to see us play, let us know! And of course feel free to suggest other places we should try to play abroad--we are open to anything!

Lastly, we are hitting the road again, this time for another short tour down to Miami and New Orleans at the end of January. Dates are now posted. . . hope to see you soon!

Much love, much gratitude, and much excitement for the new year!
Ann and Brian

October 2017:

We are excited to be performing at this year's Mushroom City Art Festival! More details here.

September 2017:

Hello friends! 13 thousand miles after we started in the beginning of July, We've made it home! Across Canada, from coast to coast (on what some Canadians dubbed, to us, a "suicide mission"), and then re-entering the States in Washington to see our old friends in the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, the plains, and the mid-west. . .a giant tour of gigantic proportions, complete with rare astronomical occurrences to remind us of our audiences in the stars. But we would be remiss to not send our very real love to those of us here on Earth: we say THANK YOU! We love you! Aoumng.

Baltimore friends, we have a FREE homecoming show coming up in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park on September 22 (rain date Sept 23). Hope to see you there and reconnect!

January 21 2017:

We now have our new release Polyvision available in vinyl LP format (as well as cassette, CD, and digital download). All physical formats are available from our mail order. Digital version available from our bandcamp page.

We hit the road on February 6 for a short tour down to Miami and back to play the International Noise Conference. Check out tour dates here.

January 2017:

Happy new year! We have big plans for 2017! We have several upcoming shows and tours in the next few months, along with plans to tour Canada and northern U.S. this summer! Check out all the details here.

Check out our newest video for our song "From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)", which features footage from our fall 2016 tour, including our notorious desert shows:

November 2016:

Hello everyone!!!

We have returned from yet another wonderful, crazy, mind-expanding tour around the United States, this time promoting our new album, “Polyvision"! Over seven weeks, we found ourselves playing generator shows for sand dunes in Colorado, getting followed by curious bison in Kansas, building hot spring pools in Arkansas, and enjoying campfires everywhere from Agua Fria, Arizona, to Miami. . . and playing some fantastic shows too! We learned a lot about who we are and what we do as artists, musicians, and dreamers of a new reality. . .

To all those we met on the road, to all those who supported us in our release of “Polyvision”, and to everyone who gave us a room to sleep in, a shower to clean up in, a washing machine to do laundry in (you get the picture), we say THANK YOU! We were so glad to warm our hands by your fire, and we thank you for letting us bring our fire to you.

We are already hard at work on our next album and we'll be touring like crazy again in 2017! Stay tuned for details!

Much love and gratitude,

September 2016:

Our new album "Polyvision" is now available on CD and digital download (vinyl & cassette versions coming soon!). Mail order the CD from our store or get the digital download version at our bandcamp page.

Our Infinity Tour of 2016 kicks off on September 15! Check out the dates here.

August 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" video excerpt #3, from the upcoming release "Polyvision":

June 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" excerpt #2, from the upcoming release "Polyvision"

May 2016:

"From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)" excerpt, from the upcoming release "Polyvision"

We are finishing up work on our new release, and expect to have it out in fall.

You can now find Darsombra at Instagram and YouTube

 November 2015:

Welcome to the new news page!

Height Zone World Darsombra interview

3-Legged Monster Tour update:
Hello everyone! Well. . . we did it! We played over one hundred cities and towns in the United States and Canada this year (111 to be exact). From eating sapote in Miami to drinking kombucha in Asheville; from bathing in a park fountain in New Orleans to watching unexplained phenomena in Marfa, Texas; from meditating at a monastery in northern California to blazing our way across the salt flats of Utah; from cutting hair in a park in Queens, to cooking breakfast with the mountains in Yellowstone; from jamming in a cave in Rapid City to playing in a storage unit in Memphis. . . we have had an incredible, expansive, transformative journey absorbing so much of what the lower 48 (plus Montreal and Toronto!) has to offer. So what's next for Darsombra? Are we going to tour as extensively next year? We plan on finishing a new album, with new video work. . . and then who knows? We are open to opportunities. So if you want us, let us know! We will come to you. Much love and gratitude to all!