May 2024:

Happy May! Our Europe/UK tour rolls on through this month and into June! We still have shows in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, UK, and Irleand, which include performances at EOM25 and Desertfest London. Dates posted here.

April 2024:

Our Europe/UK tour starts this month, which will include performances at Roadburn Festival, Desertfest London and EOM25, as well as our first shows in Poland and Ireland. Dates now posted here.

Darsombra is ECSTATIC to partner with Crucial Blast for a special double-cassette boxset of "Dumesday Book". The "Dumesday Book" 2xCASSETTE BOX presents the two cassettes in a black clamshell case with revised full-color outer sleeve, each tape housed in an individual full-color slipsleeve / o-card that combine together to make a single image, accompanied by a modified reproduction of the booklet from the LP/CD editions, with various extras including a pair of 1-inch buttons, sticker, poster & download card. Released in a limited edition of 150 copies. Check it out here or here.

Check out our latest video! On April 15 we will premiere the video for "Shelter In Place", the first track from 2023's "Dumesday Book" LP. Going LIVE first at The Obelisk, and then at our YouTube Channel!

March 2024:

At the end of the month we will be touring down to Florida to play Sleeping Giant Fest in Jacksonville. Along the way we will be playing shows in Richmond and Raleigh. Dates now posted here.

Our Europe tour kicks off next month, which will include our first performances in Poland and Ireland. Dates posted here.

We are currently booking a fall 2024 US/Mexico tour. Check out the proposed route here, and if you can help us book a show in any of these areas, please get in touch.

February 2024:

Check out our video interview at The Rock Is George Podcast.

We now have a TikTok channel. Check it out!

January 2024:

We have now announced our confirmed tour dates (so far) for Europe this spring, along with open dates that we are hoping to fill in. Check them out here! If you can help us flesh this out with more shows please contact us!!!

December 2023:

Our “North by Northwest/North by Northeast 2023” summer/fall tour was a memorable success! Our deepest gratitude goes to all the bands who shared a bill with us, all the promoters and venues who supported us, all the people who came out and gave us an audience, and all the towns and cities that have become homes-away-from-home for us. We were, as always, excited to see the creative talent thriving in surprising and unsurprising places, and connecting with new and old friends alike filled our hearts with joy.

So what's next?! We'll be working hard all winter to bring you new videos, plus working on some new arrangements for the live show which we plan to unveil in 2024.

We are thrilled to announce that we will be crossing the pond in spring 2024 to perform at Roadburn Festival, Desertfest London and EOM25 (25 years of Exile On Mainstream Records), as well as other shows yet to be announced! Stay tuned! We are currently booking shows in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, and the UK for April and May. Please get in touch if you can help us set up a show or have any suggestions for promoters, bands, or venues that we should contact.

Check out the 2-minute "reduction sauce" mix of our song "Call The Doctor"!

Lately we've been doing a lot of interviews to promote our latest album Dumesday Book. Check them out:

Echoes and Dust interview

Weirdo Shrine interview

The Ripple Effect interview

August 2023:

August has been a busy month for us! Our new album Dumesday Book comes out on August 25. Check it out in our web store here.

The Wire interviews us and is streaming our full album Dumesday Book! Check it out here!

Our summer/fall tour kicks off at the end of the month.

Check out the new video for the song "Gibbet Lore" from our upcoming album Dumesday Book.

Also, check out our new track "Azimuth" now premiering at Everything Is Noise.

But wait, there's more, we did an interview with The Chill Dude On A Couch.

Follow our label Pnictogen Records on Instagram.

July 2023:

Darsombra's Dumesday Book album release show will be on happeneing on Friday August 25 at Current Space in Baltimore with support from Moth Broth and Quattracenta.

June 2023:

Announcing more tour dates for 2023!

May 2023:

Our next tour begins at the end of this month on May 31!

Pre-order our new album Dumesday Book now at our official webstore or bandcamp merch store! Dumesday Book will be available on 2xLP and CD. Both versions include a 12 page booklet, exclusive sticker, and digital download card. It is also available in bundle packages which include a handmade bismuth crystal and/or limited edition t-shirt!!! Pre-orders will be sent an mp3 320 of the opening track "Shelter In Place" as soon as we receive your order! Orders will ship on or by August 25, 2023.

Check out "Shelter In Place" the opening track from our new album Dumesday Book.

April 2023:

New tour dates now posted!

Now showing at our YouTube channel, Darsombra TV, Episode 3: The Eclipse Show, a document of our 2017 outdoor generator show in Lost Springs, Wyoming, in the path of totality during a solar eclipse!

Check out our recent video interview at Prog Dog:

February 2023:

We were interviewed for It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine. Check it out here!

January 2023:

First lineup announcement for Mutants of the Monster Fest! Darsombra confirmed to play! See you in Little Rock in June!

November 2022:

We've got more colors! Limited edition "Call The Doctor / Nightgarden" MAXIcassingle now available in gold, silver, pink, purple, blue, red, black, and white, while supplies last! Exclusive mixes! Bonus tracks! Download code! Over 50 minutes for your extended listening pleasure! Check it out at our official webstore or at our bandcamp merch store.

If you're in the Baltimore area, check out our cassette release show at the Metro Gallery on Saturday November 19!

October 2022:

The next leg of our fall tour kicks off on October 5!

August 2022:


Most of our shows for August through October are now listed! We will be announcing more dates for the rest of the year soon!

June 2022:

Now available from our mail-order store and at our bandcamp page: the cassette version of Darsombra's "Call The Doctor/Nightgarden" EP. This release comes with two exclusive bonus tracks, "Thunder Thighs (live 2020)" & "Fill Up The Glass" on side B. That’s 53+ minutes of sonic bliss available in your choice of 5 different colors (white, gold, red, silver, or blue) while supplies last!

Well, we made it back to Baltimore, mostly in one piece!

This was surely the most unusual, nuanced, and spontaneous Darsombra tour yet, as we navigated the ups and downs of DIY touring in the later days of COVID. Between catching the virus at one of the first three shows of tour, testing positive and canceling/rescheduling shows, quarantining in the van in the high desert, finally testing negative and returning to the planned route, altering the planned route to accommodate a rescheduled performance, changing venues due to outbreaks, and even gaining a split audience due to other bands canceling their tours, COVID has stamped itself all over this journey we have just completed. It is absolutely a different touring environment for what we do. . . probably because it is absolutely a different world.

But “different” is not meant to imply “diminished”. We were thrilled to perform for receptive, engaged, and appreciative audiences all over the US (and Tijuana, Mexico!), and we were cheered to meet so many friends, both new and old, in our travels. Some things have not changed—the most noteworthy being the love that drives the creative community in which we thrive. And so, we do our part to safely return that love to our audiences. Touring is an extremely risky activity these days, but for us, it is the lifeblood that keeps the body of our work alive and fresh. As independent musicians and artists, we must evolve to this changing landscape, even if it means keeping a store of rapid tests in the van, or canceling shows, or changing plans at the last minute. Humanity has suffered long enough without live music—it is a creative exchange fundamental to world history and culture.

And so, to draw the macrocosm back to our microcosm, we thank you in letting us do our part to entertain. We owe a massive debt of gratitude to the promoters, the venues, the fellow musicians, the audiences, and all the beloved friends who made our tour possible, and surprisingly, a success. We cannot wait to come out and perform for you again. May we all enjoy the good health and fortune to make it so.

May 2022:

Darsombra spring 2022 North America tour is now underway.

April 20, 2022:


Our new official music video for “Call The Doctor” will be streaming LIVE in YOUR time zone on April 20th, 2022, at 4:20pm no matter where in the world you are!

Tune in to our YouTube channel to catch the brand new video (a meditation on the Earth origins of every science-fiction/fantasy narrative, and lovingly described as Star-Trek-meets-David-Attenborough), which will be playing on a loop at 20 minutes after the hour, every hour, on April 20th, from 12:20am EDT (UTC-4) through 11:20pm EDT.

In other words, from 4:20pm at the International Date Line (UTC-12) to 4:20pm Kamchatka time (UTC +12)! Tell all your friends in Siberia! (and Belize! and Poland! and Micronesia! and Zimbabwe! and Secaucus, NJ!)

HAPPY 420!!!

Permanent video link here!

April 2022:


Darsombra has completed our 2022 Southeastern US Equinox Tour! We are grateful to everyone who made it happen, from the venues and promoters, to the audiences and all the other performers. These days, we’re often unsure if COVID will necessitate last-minute cancellations of shows or a tour, so it feels like we’re really accomplishing something when we get to safely play live shows again. We miss live music just as much as you do—both performing and witnessing it. So we say a huge thank you to everyone who made our last six shows in the southeast happen—you all really came through, and it was an absolute pleasure to hit the stage for you again!

And, despite the odds, we are aiming to hit the road AGAIN this spring, this time on a five-week coast-to-coast North American tour in late April and all of May 2022. This tour will include our first international shows since the beginning of lockdown, with a couple of shows in Mexico along the way. As always these days, we will still be following local guidelines on masking and preventing the transmission of COVID, as well as our own protocol of regular testing. Hopefully we’ll get to catch up with you somewhere along our journey out west!

What’s a 5-week spring tour without new music to share with you all? We are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of our new maxi-cassingle, “Call the Doctor/Nightgarden EP”. You may ask, “what’s a maxi-cassingle?” It’s a single—a cassette-only release of last year’s “Call the Doctor/Nightgarden” digital-only EP—plus a little extra, with a 2020 live recording of our 2012 song “Thunder Thighs”, and a new exclusive track “Fill Up The Glass”, both on the B-side. It’s a 50+ minute single, on cassette—hence, maxi-cassingle!

Also, keep an eye on our social media for more info on the release of our brand-new music video of "Call The Doctor", to be premiered on April 20th! We hope to see you this spring!

March 2022:

Surprise! Darsombra has a short Southeastern US tour kicking off this month!

We are currently working on a remix project, collecting reimagined versions of our song “Call The Doctor.” Anyone interested in taking part in this project are invited to contact us.

February 2022:

Darsombra will be performing at Grim Reefer Fest in Baltimore this April!

December 20, 2021:

Happy Solstice, everyone! In honor of the winter solstice, Darsombra will be premiering a brand new video to our 2021 song, "Nightgarden"! You can watch it online with us on Tuesday, December 21st at 10:59am EST (UTC -5)--we're hosting a watch party on YouTube. Enjoy, and have a happy and safe entry into winter (or summer)!

December 2021:

Surprise! Call The Doctor remix by DJ Rick Rab now available at Bandcamp here! "DJ Rick's remix trades the guitars for breakbeats, retaining the mantra, the 120 pulse, and the resonating Dmajor glow tone." Free or pay what you want! Go get you some goodness!

November 22, 2021:

We now have bundle deals at our mail order stores! Get reduced prices when you buy 2 LPs (Transmission & Polyvision) or 3 CDs (Transmission, Polyvision & Climax Community) at our official online store here or our bandcamp merch store here!

November 2021:

Well, we did it! Four weeks, twelve shows, seven negative COVID tests, and about 10,000 miles later, we’ve returned to fair and lovely Baltimore in one piece. We crossed the country, from coast to coast, rocking out for audiences indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between (that means outer space).

Touring as independent musicians nowadays is different than we’ve ever experienced. It was a challenge in the Before Times, and is possibly more of a challenge now, for different reasons. But the support of our music communities throughout the world is the reason why we do it—we do love to entertain you all so much.

A huge THANK YOU goes to everyone who helped these dozen shows across the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest happen—whether you booked us in a venue and took the time to set up or enforce COVID protocols, or you opened your home, record store, garden, land, or cave to our performative flailings and rock-n-roll storytelling, we appreciate it!!! To all the folks working those shows, whether or not they enjoyed our set—thank you! To all the folks who attended the shows and chose to watch us perform—thank you! To all the folks who supported us financially, or with love, energy, food, or a place to park our home on the road—thank you! You keep us going! And we WILL be back!

As for now, it’s good to be back in Baltimore and return to the Darsombra mothership/studio/video editing lab/cottage industry. There’s a whole double album waiting to get shaped up, plus a fair deal of new video work to edit, so we’re gonna tuck in pretty hard this winter. . . but we’ll come out again if you ask nicely!

September 2021:

Surprise! Darsombra is about to go on tour again!

For the month of October, we will be making our way from the east coast, through the northern mid-west of the US, to the Pacific northwest and back again. Sometimes we refer to this tour as “the Octob-tour Inver-tour” because it’s in the month of October, and we use an inverter now for our pop-up roadside shows instead of a generator. (An inverter is a device in the van which changes DC voltage from an auxiliary car battery to AC voltage—essentially, a wall outlet in the van.) However, more and more, we’ve been calling the tour “The REAL Magical Mystery Tour” because it’s a mystery if we’ll even pull this off!

It’s been two years since we’ve embarked on a long tour, and touring sure looks a lot different now. We did a road trip with two outdoor live performances (and four pop-up shows) this past May, but this time we actually have almost a dozen performances! There will be both outdoor and indoor performances, as well as sporadic pop-up shows. We will be taking measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 as we travel, such as being fully vaccinated, masking, and regular testing. Please check with the venue in your area, as there will be COVID protocols in place at many of them.

We’re very excited to take the show on the road again! We’ve missed you all immensely! Keep an eye on our social media accounts for the latest updates on pop-up shows, as well as the status of our scheduled shows.

Looking forward to Octobering with you!
Much love!

July 2021:

We are excited to present to you our new video—“Call the Doctor”, live, to a butte in Utah. Enjoy, stay safe, and we’ll catch you in the multiverse one way or another!

Darsombra will be performing shows this summer, including appearances at Buffalo Infringement Festival, MycoFest, and Shadow Woods Metal Festival.

May 2021:

Shadow Woods Metal Festival this summer!

April 2021:

Surprise! New Darsombra EP "Call The Doctor / Nightgarden" now available at Bandcamp.

February 2021:

Now showing on our YouTube channel, episode 2 of Darsombra TV, Snively and the Badlands, This is a documentary of the two pop-up guerilla generator shows that we played in 2019. The first show was in the high desert of eastern Oregon, the second was in the Badlands of South Dakota!

December 2020:

Now available at Bandcamp!!! Fuzz Bat Gigs' "Wonderous Christmas Extravaganza" - a 3 volume benefit compilation of tracks performed on the various Fuzz Bat live streams in 2020. Darsombra appears on volumes 1 and 2.

November 2020:

Announcing: "NO STAGEDIVING: A Stage-Free Baltimore Playlist and Ottobar Fundraiser, volume 1", a 50+ track playlist of exclusive music from Baltimore’s past and present.

As many of you know, we come from Baltimore, Maryland—which is a creative city, rich with many expansive and diverse music scenes. Currently, economic repercussions from the pandemic have decimated the live entertainment industry worldwide. With no sense of normalcy expected for quite some time, Baltimore’s 23-year-old venue Ottobar has turned to fundraising to preserve the future, and couldn’t ignore the fact that creative artists from Baltimore are suffering as well.

Darsombra is honored to be included in this great cause and great compilation, with so many amazing acts! Our contribution is an exclusive live 2020 recording of “Thunder Thighs”, a reworked version of a track from our 2012 release "Climax Community"—recorded for the first time ever in an arrangement which includes Ann Everton’s synth, percussion, and vocals.

Now you have a chance to hear more of the great petri dish from which Darsombra emerged, and support a great cause. All proceeds will be shared with the bands and Ottobar.

Available Friday November 20th at nostagediving.bandcamp.com

October 5, 2020:

A Trip with Darsombra:

October 2020:

Greetings from the Darsombra Mothership, now dry-docked in fair Baltimore for nearly a year!

So far, 2020 has been the year that none of us here on Earth ever expected, and we here in Darsombra have had to shift our focus and our priorities, just like everyone else. . . by this time, we’d be gearing up for the third tour we hoped to take this year! But this is Year On Pause, and we are happy to be on shore leave in a city as dynamic, nuanced, and mysterious as Baltimore, our home city. Still, though, friends of the Road. . . we miss you!!!

And yet, here we are. And we can’t be Darsombra without answering the call to entertain, to amuse, and to celebrate the cosmic joke of it all! So we’ve been writing music. Lots and lots of music! And making videos. Lots and lots of videos! And we look forward to culling it all together, cultivating our beloved creative passions, and sharing new art with you.In the meantime, as we wait for the world to open up, and for the chance to bring our special sort of home-baked existential wildness to you, we have some new videos for you to see! Besides the film to “Transmission”, our YouTube channel is now enhanced with a guerrilla park show for our Scottish friends (as well as the rest of the internet), an appearance at Buffalo Infringement Festival online in which we present “A Catalogue of Riffage”, and. . . coming very soon. . . an hour long episode of Darsombra TV: “A Trip with Darsombra”, for the upcoming Mushroom City Art Festival online—a favorite local Baltimore festival that we’ve had the pleasure of appearing at four times previously. Careful listeners will catch snatches of some new music in some of these videos.

Mushroom City Art Festival is a Baltimore-based festival in its eighth year, founded to celebrate mycelial culture in every imaginable way. This year, for Mushroom City Art Festival online, we are presenting a TV show in which we delve a little deeper into our love of the park, as well as our home city Baltimore and our home state, Maryland:

“A Trip with DARSOMBRA” is an hour-long variety show featuring the music of Darsombra, as well as scenes from band members Ann Everton and Brian Daniloski’s adventures in Maryland. Come take a trip with Ann and Brian as they journey from Leakin Park and the original locations of their previous performances for Mushroom City Art Festival, to their garden in nearby Garwyn Oaks/Windsor Hills for an intimate rooftop show, to “A Day at the Beach with Darsombra”, at Assateague Island National Seashore, and finally ending up back in Leakin Park for a very special surprise performance! This action-packed hour of Darsombra TV also includes exercises for screen-weary eyeballs, a bawdy pony gatehouse adventure, and a Leakin Park Mushroom Extravaganza showing fungal developments in the park since lockdown in March 2020. Darsombra fans will also appreciate exclusive previews of upcoming tracks from the band. . . come and join us on “A Trip with DARSOMBRA”!

You can catch the show LIVE on Sunday, October 4th, from 8-9pm EDT (UTC -4) at Mushroom City's Twitch page, or you can see it archived on our YouTube channel later that evening at midnight EDT (UTC -4).

Check out the trailer:

So we hope to see you safely soon. . . but in the meantime, feel free to enjoy some of our new video work at our YouTube channel, check out our extensive array of merchandise available from our online store, and digital music available at our Bandcamp page, or just drop us a line and say hello, if you like, as we greatly anticipate the next adventure, whatever it may be!

July 2020:

Hi everybody! Greetings from the Darsombra Mothership! In olden times, we were scheduled this month to begin a wonderful, month-long, circle tour of the Great Lakes region of the US and Canada, which would end with performances at both the sprawling Buffalo Infringement Festival (11 days of creative infringement all over the fine, fine city of Buffalo--a home-away-from-home for us) and the legendary Voice of the Valley Festival in West Virginia. But the Universe is still getting a good laugh as our species scrambles to understand this virus, so there have been some changes to our plans: i.e. no tour!

But we ARE indeed happy to announce that on Friday July 17, we will be live streaming a performance as part of Fuzz Bat Gigs’ twelfth live streaming event. Fuzz Bat is a promotion company out of Edinburgh, Scotland that we’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past. The show will start at 2:30pm EDT. We go live at 5:45 EDT. Check out the event page on Facebook, as we will be streaming from there.

In addition, we will STILL be performing at Buffalo Infringement Festival. . . online! We will be streaming some extra special content specifically created for this year's festival. We will be part of opening ceremonies on Thursday July 23 (YouTube link here) and we will be streaming our latest full length album/movie Transmission for Movie Night on Thursday July 30 (YouTube link here). In the meantime, please enjoy this little teaser video of what we plan to show for Infringement. Who would have thought a chipmunk version of "Transmission" could be so fun?

June 2020:

On June 20 we will host our 3rd annual Solstice show! This time it's online! Come join us as we worship the sun by playing some tunes! Two 60-minute sets (selections from "Climax Community", "Polyvision", and "Transmission") starting at 7:30pm to honor this auspicious day and celebrate BEING ALIVE! You can watch these performances on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Hey! Hey! Have you read the news!? We teamed up with our friends in Rwake, Necrot, Deadbird, Saviours, Dangerous Toys, etc. to help stave off the quarantine blues! Check out our cover of KISS' "All Hell's Breakin' Loose" premiering at Decibel Magazine right now!

May 17, 2020:

Earth friends, we live in wild times, so we sincerely hope this update finds you happy, healthy, and fulfilled. As for us. . . we’ve been on The Great Social Distancing Tour of Spring 2020 for several weeks now! We want to thank everyone for the incredible support you have shown us during this time! You can continue to support our endeavors via mail-ordering merchandise, buying digital music, or by donation! Per usual, we’re loving being on the road (this time, here in our home in Baltimore)! But the great thing about touring your own home is that the tour never has to end. . . . . . and with that note, we are happy to announce that we are extending The Great Social Distancing Tour. We’ll announce the shows via Facebook and Instagram as they approach. Most likely we will keep doing this until we can see you in the flesh again. Touring from home has been relaxing, enlightening, and humbling. We’re learning a lot about live streaming, playing in a quieter space with cell phone microphones, and the joy of having friends from all over the world tune in together to rock with us. It’s been strange, surreal, and beautiful. So we hope to see you online! Stay safe, stay weird, stay wonderful!

To watch these concerts and more info: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

May 2020:


To watch these concerts and more info: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

April 2020:


The tour will run from April 2 to May 9.

To watch these concerts and for more info, keep an eye on our various web pages (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube).

March 2020:

Greetings, Darsombra fans and friends!

As many of you know, we are scheduled to begin a six-week tour of Europe and the UK starting in April. . . but as many of you also know, the Coronavirus COVID-19 has dramatically shifted the human experience greatly at this time, and we are social distancing and self-quarantining in our home in an effort to not spread the plague. Our European shows have been cancelled, if not by the venues, then by us.

But, we are not cancelling our tour. . . just changing the location! So, for the month of April and the first half of May, feel free to come out online and see us on The Great Social Distancing Tour of 2020! We will be touring throughout the rooms of our home (a.k.a. The Darsombra Mothership) and undisclosed locations around Maryland, and broadcasting it to you via our social media and digital networks. Keep an eye on our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube pages, as well as darsombra.com for more information as April approaches.

It breaks our hearts (and our wallets) to not come out and play shows for you in Europe, but we take this current reality very seriously and want to do what we can to keep ourselves and others safe. Unfortunately, that does mean that our income is decimated, as we are a complete DIY cottage-industry project; each tour represents several months of planning, scheduling, booking, negotiating, promoting, preparing merchandise, doing graphic design work, and practicing, all handled by us. Financially speaking, all of this work is typically rewarded at the end of this process, when we play shows to our audiences—these shows support us to continue bringing Darsombra to you (as well as to feed ourselves and care for our basic human needs). We feel awkward putting this out there, but now is a fantastic time to support us through mail order of our merchandise or donation, all of which can be arranged at our web store. You can also support us through our bandcamp page as well.

So here we are! In Baltimore, ready to rock for you! We are thrilled to present to you our new work “Transmission”, as well as older pieces and improvisational soundscapes. . . so we look forward to seeing you in cyberspace, on The Great Social Distancing Tour of 2020!

Much love, much gratitude, and keep those hands clean!

Brian & Ann

February 2020:

We are excited to be playing the Shadow Frost Music & Arts Festival this month!

We have added more dates to our upcoming European Transmission Tour 2020. This tour includes a spot on the legendary Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands, shows in Germany as part of The Exile On Mainstream 2020 Roadshow, plus our first shows in Poland!

January 2020:

Happy new year!

We have some great shows coming up this month including dates in upstate New York, and our first Los Angeles appearance in a few years. Our L.A. show boasts an amazing lineup with All Souls, CFM, Biblical Proof of UFOs, and spinning tunes all evening will be Dale Crover (of the Melvins!). While we are in the southern California area, we will also perform shows in San Diego, Santa Barbara, and our first show in Mexico!

We have now announced the first batch of dates for our upcoming European Transmission Tour 2020, including a spot on the legendary Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands! Stay tuned. We will be announcing more Euro/UK dates soon!

December 25, 2019:

Happy holidays from Darsombra!!! Enjoy the film of "Transmission" in its entirety!

December 2019:

Happy December!

We have some amazing things to announce! First bit of big news, we will be performing at the legendary Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, Netherlands in spring! We are currently booking shows in UK and Europe for this time as well. Some dates will include Exile on Mainstream label mates Conny Ochs or Kristian Harting. Stay tuned. We will be announcing more dates soon!

What else? Our first show in Mexico! We are performing some dates in southern California in January, plus our first performance in Mexico.

Anything else? Why yes! We will also be playing Shadow Frost Music & Arts Festival in February.

In the more immediate future, we have a short run of dates in North Carolina with our friend Damiyana coming up later this month.

October 2019:

Hi all!

We just want to say THANK YOU!!! Our US/Canada tour was a blast! Thanks to everyone who helped us put on a show, played on a show with us, gave us a place to crash, gave us gifts, loved on us, and BIG THANKS to everyone that came out to see us make this weird music that we make!

What's next? Some regional shows over the next few months, and then Europe in spring 2020!

We have returned home from a massive 9 week tour, but we're not done yet! This Saturday, October 5, we will be playing our homecoming / album release show as part of Mushroom City Art Festival in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park. We will play at sundown at a location that we will announce the day of the festival.

September 2019:

Our North America tour continues to roll on . . .

August 2019:

Our new album Transmission is now out! You can order from us here or bandcamp here.

Darsombra is now on a massive 9 week North American tour.

July 2019:

Hi all! We've got a new album coming out next month entitled "Transmission" and we are embarking on a massive North America tour this summer! Click here to pre-order.

June 2019:

May 2019:

May 17: Greetings beautiful humans! We are back at home in Baltimore after 7 weeks of adventure and exploration in Europe and the UK! Belgium, Holland, Germany, The Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, England, and Scotland, you welcomed us, fed us, housed us, gave us an audience. . . for all this, we are deeply honored and grateful. It was seven years since our last tour in Europe, and we know we will return much sooner next time!

So for now, we rest and recover from so much travel. . . so we can head to Philadelphia and Brooklyn for some shows Memorial Day weekend with our good friends Ala Muerte—next Saturday (Philly) and Sunday (Brooklyn). Come out and see how Europe treated us, if you’re in the area. We have loads of stories to share! :)

And then, we’re home for a while, to care for our world here, tend our garden, tumble our rocks, and get our next album together to take it on the road in Canada and the US late this summer. Keep an eye out for an announcement.

April 2019:

We are on tour in Europe for all of April up until mid-May.

March 2019:

Our European tour starts this month!!!

January 2019:

Our Winter tour starts February 1!

December 2018:

Wow! The Darsombra Earth rover has landed back at the Mothership in Baltimore...at last, we are home! And what can we say? The Pacific Twin Tours of 2018, where we found ourselves on both sides of the Pacific, were amazing and life changing. We can't wait to return to Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia, as well as explore that part of the Earth further...and stateside, we had a fantastic time working our way to California and back, reconnecting with old friends and making new ones, too. The more places on this Earth that we tour, the more we are reminded that the human network is the strongest one, and to connect with other people around the world is affirmative, beautiful, and truly an auspicious experience.

And so we say thank you! Thank you to all the people that put together shows for us, that took care of us and helped us get from Point A to Point B (especially in Southeast Asia), that fed us and inadvertently fed us by supporting our art, that shared a stage with us, and of course, everyone that came out and watched us perform. It's a gift exchange...we give you the gift of entertainment (we hope!), and you give us the gift of someone to entertain. We acknowledge and appreciate this, and send deep gratitude to everyone who has helped us achieve our crazy dreams. So, in light of these crazy dreams, and our dogged purpose to share our music with the world (and enjoy the world's music, of course)...we have more tours in the works, including a Europe/UK tour for next spring (anyone with venue, promoter, or band contacts there, please send them our way!).

October 2018:

Hello everyone!

We are home from an incredible, life-changing tour of Southeast Asia (and of course, cannot wait to go back)! We send infinite gratitude to our hosts, everyone who booked us a show, everyone who helped us get from one place to the next, everyone who fed us, gave us a place to sleep and wash our bodies, everyone who picked us up from an airport, bus station, or train station, everyone who played on the bill with us, and of course, everyone who came out to our shows and reminded us why we do this.

We hit the road again this week for our fall 2018 U.S. tour! We're coming to some places that we haven't been in a few years plus some new places we've never visited!

We have some limited edition items from our Southeast Asia tour that we will be selling on tour and through our online mail order while supplies last. There are beautiful two-sided tour shirts, and Malaysia and Indonesia editions of our SEA tour exclusive release of two full length albums on one cassette, 2016's Polyvision and 2012's Climax Community.

We are planning to tour Europe in spring of 2019.

August 2018:

We have a couple of very exciting tours coming up. . . the first kicks off at the end of the month! We will be touring 18 cities in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia! Our first show is in Kuala Lumpur on August 31st (Malaysian Independence Day!), and we will work our way through the region until our last show on September 30th. We’ll be marking the tour with the release of a special 2 album cassette, with 2012’s Climax Community on one side, and 2106’s Polyvision on the other, released in Malaysia by Dogma Artistic Guerrilla, and in Indonesia by Noise Bombing. There will also be a special edition tour shirt!

Then, in mid-October, about a week after we arrive home from Southeast Asia, we hit the road for another 5-week tour, this one from Baltimore to California and back! There are some new cities for us on this tour, as well as some places we haven’t been since 2015, so we look forward to returning to our friends out west and straight down the middle of our crazy land, and bringing you our 2016 release, Polyvision.

In between these two tours we will once again be playing at Baltimore's Mushroom City Arts Festival in early October.

June 2018:

We have a bunch of summer shows that we're announcing! Later this month we'll be opening for Yob and Bell Witch at Metro Gallery in Baltimore. In July we're doing a weekend warrior trip up to Buffalo, NY where we'll be playing Infringement Festival, plus shows in Rochester NY and Williamsport PA. In August we'll be making our first appearance at the legendary Voice of the Valley Festival in Fairview, WV.

We now have embroidered patches featuring Christophe 'Lord of the Logos' Szpajdel's amazing Darsombra moth logo. You can pick them up at our shows or at our online store.

May 2018:

Besides touring Southeast Asia later this year, Darsombra is also planning a coast-to-coast US tour for October and November! Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, California, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, and West Virginia, we'll be stopping by and we'd love to visit with you!

April 2018:

Hi everyone! We have big news! Darsombra is heading to Southeast Asia in September! We will be playing shows in Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, & Indonesia. Stay tuned for more details!

We are taking the month of April off from playing shows, but we already have some exciting regional shows coming up in May (check out the upcoming shows section of the website). In the meantime, we are currently recording our next release and it is going to be epic! The new album is a musical journey consisting of one piece of music clocking in at 40+ minutes.

We now have a YouTube channel.

January 2018:

Hello Everyone! We made it! Through the tropical south in the winter and the mostly-thawed north in the summer, through the building of a new home on the road in our new-to-us van, through testing it out 14K+ miles a couple months later, through the composition of our next release . . . we made it! Goodbye 2017! And to you, we offer you a Thank You video which shows a lot of the footage we shot on our Great Canada Ramble tour of 2017. We hope you enjoy!

As for 2018, the sky's the limit! We want to play outside of North America for a change, and are batting around all sorts of ideas of places to play shows abroad. South America, Indonesia, Japan, and Iceland are all places we're considering. . . so if you or anyone you know lives in or near those countries and wants to see us play, let us know! And of course feel free to suggest other places we should try to play abroad--we are open to anything!

Lastly, we are hitting the road again, this time for another short tour down to Miami and New Orleans at the end of January. . . . hope to see you soon!

Much love, much gratitude, and much excitement for the new year!
Ann and Brian

October 2017:

We are excited to be performing at this year's Mushroom City Art Festival! More details here.

September 2017:

Hello friends! 13 thousand miles after we started in the beginning of July, We've made it home! Across Canada, from coast to coast (on what some Canadians dubbed, to us, a "suicide mission"), and then re-entering the States in Washington to see our old friends in the Pacific Northwest, the Rockies, the plains, and the mid-west. . .a giant tour of gigantic proportions, complete with rare astronomical occurrences to remind us of our audiences in the stars. But we would be remiss to not send our very real love to those of us here on Earth: we say THANK YOU! We love you! Aoumng.

Baltimore friends, we have a FREE homecoming show coming up in Gwynns Falls Leakin Park on September 22 (rain date Sept 23). Hope to see you there and reconnect!

January 21, 2017:

We now have our new release Polyvision available in vinyl LP format (as well as cassette, CD, and digital download). All physical formats are available from our mail order. Digital version available from our bandcamp page.

We hit the road on February 6 for a short tour down to Miami and back to play the International Noise Conference.

January 2017:

Happy new year! We have big plans for 2017! We have several upcoming shows and tours in the next few months, along with plans to tour Canada and northern U.S. this summer!

Check out our newest video for our song "From Insects. . . To Aliens (The Worms Turn)", which features footage from our fall 2016 tour, including our notorious desert shows:

November 2016:

Hello everyone!!!

We have returned from yet another wonderful, crazy, mind-expanding tour around the United States, this time promoting our new album, “Polyvision"! Over seven weeks, we found ourselves playing generator shows for sand dunes in Colorado, getting followed by curious bison in Kansas, building hot spring pools in Arkansas, and enjoying campfires everywhere from Agua Fria, Arizona, to Miami. . . and playing some fantastic shows too! We learned a lot about who we are and what we do as artists, musicians, and dreamers of a new reality. . .

To all those we met on the road, to all those who supported us in our release of “Polyvision”, and to everyone who gave us a room to sleep in, a shower to clean up in, a washing machine to do laundry in (you get the picture), we say THANK YOU! We were so glad to warm our hands by your fire, and we thank you for letting us bring our fire to you.

We are already hard at work on our next album and we'll be touring like crazy again in 2017! Stay tuned for details!

Much love and gratitude,

September 2016:

Our new album "Polyvision" is now available on CD and digital download (vinyl & cassette versions coming soon!). Mail order the CD from our store or get the digital download version at our bandcamp page.

Our Infinity Tour of 2016 kicks off on September 15!

May 2016:

We are finishing up work on our new release, and expect to have it out in fall.

You can now find Darsombra at Instagram and YouTube

November 2015:

Welcome to the new news page!

Height Zone World Darsombra interview

3-Legged Monster Tour update:
Hello everyone! Well. . . we did it! We played over one hundred cities and towns in the United States and Canada this year (111 to be exact). From eating sapote in Miami to drinking kombucha in Asheville; from bathing in a park fountain in New Orleans to watching unexplained phenomena in Marfa, Texas; from meditating at a monastery in northern California to blazing our way across the salt flats of Utah; from cutting hair in a park in Queens, to cooking breakfast with the mountains in Yellowstone; from jamming in a cave in Rapid City to playing in a storage unit in Memphis. . . we have had an incredible, expansive, transformative journey absorbing so much of what the lower 48 (plus Montreal and Toronto!) has to offer. So what's next for Darsombra? Are we going to tour as extensively next year? We plan on finishing a new album, with new video work. . . and then who knows? We are open to opportunities. So if you want us, let us know! We will come to you. Much love and gratitude to all!